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    Sedition Tracker

    se·​di·​tion: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

    Suspects (by Residence)

    Total Count: 924
    Name Residence Status Date
    Susan Manwaring Convicted 2022-09-13
    Lonnie Coffman Alabama Sentenced 2021-01-07
    William Watson Alabama Convicted 2021-01-11
    Joshua Black Alabama Indicted 2021-01-14
    Kari Kelley Alabama Sentenced 2021-02-10
    Phillip Bromley Alabama Sentenced 2021-02-17
    Joshua James Alabama Convicted 2021-03-08
    Russell Alford Alabama Convicted 2021-03-22
    Jonathan Walden Alabama Indicted 2021-05-26
    Dillon Herrington Alabama Charged 2021-06-07
    Mark Grods Alabama Convicted 2021-06-28
    Donnie Wren Alabama Indicted 2021-09-24
    Christian Manley Alabama Convicted 2021-10-18
    Gregory Nix Alabama Indicted 2021-11-10
    Anthony Mazzio Alabama Sentenced 2022-03-22
    Bobby Russell Alabama Charged 2022-08-23
    Kaleb Dillard Alabama Charged 2022-08-23
    Aaron Mileur Alaska Charged 2021-03-09
    Jacob Chansley Arizona Sentenced 2021-01-08
    Anthime Gionet Arizona Convicted 2021-01-16
    Cory Konold Arizona Indicted 2021-02-11
    Felicia Konold Arizona Indicted 2021-02-11
    Micajah Jackson Arizona Sentenced 2021-05-14
    James Mcgrew Arizona Convicted 2021-05-27
    Nathan Entrekin Arizona Sentenced 2021-07-14
    Lisa Homer Arizona Sentenced 2021-11-15
    Edward Vallejo Arizona Indicted 2022-01-12
    Jacob Zerkle Arizona Charged 2022-03-14
    Joshua Knowles Arizona Charged 2022-08-15
    Richard Barnett Arkansas Indicted 2021-01-08
    Peter Stager Arkansas Indicted 2021-01-14
    Jon Mott Arkansas Convicted 2021-05-11
    Robert Snow Arkansas Sentenced 2021-12-29
    Hunter Ehmke California Sentenced 2021-01-11
    Daniel Goodwyn California Indicted 2021-01-15
    John Strand California Convicted 2021-01-18
    Simone Gold California Sentenced 2021-01-18
    Gina Bisignano California Convicted 2021-01-19
    Jorge Riley California Indicted 2021-01-19
    Valerie Ehrke California Sentenced 2021-01-19
    Kevin Strong California Sentenced 2021-01-22
    Tommy Allan California Convicted 2021-01-22
    Jacob Lewis California Sentenced 2021-01-27
    Jeffrey Smith California Sentenced 2021-01-27
    Mark Simon California Sentenced 2021-01-28
    Eduardo Alvear Gonzalez California Sentenced 2021-01-31
    Mariposa Castro California Sentenced 2021-02-09
    Christian Secor California Sentenced 2021-02-16
    Andrew Hernandez California Convicted 2021-02-23
    Kevin Cordon California Sentenced 2021-03-09
    Sean Cordon California Sentenced 2021-03-09
    Evan Neumann California Indicted 2021-03-23
    Daniel Rodriguez California Indicted 2021-03-24
    Philip Kramer California Sentenced 2021-04-07
    Kevin Galetto California Indicted 2021-04-23
    Sean McHugh California Indicted 2021-05-27
    Stephanie Baez California Charged 2021-05-28
    Alan Hostetter California Indicted 2021-06-09
    Derek Kinnison California Indicted 2021-06-09
    Erik Warner California Indicted 2021-06-09
    Felipe Martinez California Indicted 2021-06-09
    Ronald Mele California Indicted 2021-06-09
    Russell Taylor California Indicted 2021-06-09
    Lois McNicoll California Sentenced 2021-06-23
    Ricky Willden California Sentenced 2021-06-23
    Matthew Purse California Indicted 2021-06-28
    Mark Ibrahim California Indicted 2021-07-06
    Glenn Brooks California Charged 2021-07-27
    Benjamin Martin California Indicted 2021-08-06
    Erik Herrera California Convicted 2021-08-06
    Jeffrey Brown California Indicted 2021-08-16
    David Dempsey California Indicted 2021-08-25
    David Ticas California Sentenced 2021-09-21
    Alexis Bustos California Convicted 2021-09-29
    Bryan Bustos California Convicted 2021-09-29
    Philip Weisbecker California Sentenced 2021-10-14
    Kim Sorgente California Indicted 2021-10-21
    Rafael Valadez California Sentenced 2021-11-09
    Danean MacAndrew California Charged 2021-11-12
    Michael McCormick California Convicted 2021-11-16
    Edward Badalian California Indicted 2021-11-17
    Daniel Shaw California Convicted 2021-11-29
    Brent Holdridge California Convicted 2021-12-02
    Kenneth Armstrong California Charged 2022-01-18
    Jerry Braun California Charged 2022-04-07
    Josiah Hueso California Charged 2022-05-17
    Thaddis Johnson California Convicted 2022-05-23
    Derek Sulenta California Convicted 2022-06-06
    Brandon Cavanaugh California Charged 2022-08-16
    Lawrence Ambrose California Convicted 2022-09-13
    Melanie Belger California Charged 2022-09-16
    Michelle Estey California Charged 2022-09-16
    Vincent Ardolino California Charged 2022-11-21
    Cleveland Meredith Colorado Sentenced 2021-01-08
    Klete Keller Colorado Convicted 2021-01-13
    Robert Gieswein Colorado Indicted 2021-01-16
    Patrick Montgomery Colorado Indicted 2021-01-17
    Glenn Croy Colorado Sentenced 2021-02-17
    Jacob Clark Colorado Charged 2021-04-21
    Logan Grover Colorado Convicted 2021-04-28
    Hunter Palm Colorado Indicted 2021-05-07
    Timothy Williams Colorado Charged 2021-05-28
    Daniel Morrissey Colorado Sentenced 2021-10-20
    Thomas Hamner Colorado Sentenced 2021-10-29
    Avery MacCracken Colorado Indicted 2021-12-10
    Jennifer Horvath Colorado Sentenced 2022-03-10
    Tyler Ethridge Colorado Charged 2022-07-07
    Patrick McCaughey Connecticut Convicted 2021-01-19
    Richard Crosby Connecticut Indicted 2021-05-28
    Carla Krzywicki Connecticut Sentenced 2021-09-09
    Jean Lavin Connecticut Sentenced 2021-09-09
    Jeremy Baouche Connecticut Convicted 2021-11-02
    Hunter Seefried Delaware Convicted 2021-01-14
    Kevin Seefried Delaware Convicted 2021-01-14
    Nicholas Lattanzi Delaware Convicted 2022-01-10
    Jeffrey Schaefer Delaware Sentenced 2022-01-11
    Adam Johnson Florida Sentenced 2021-01-07
    Andrew Williams Florida Sentenced 2021-01-12
    Matthew Council Florida Convicted 2021-01-14
    Michael Curzio Florida Sentenced 2021-01-14
    Felipe Marquez Florida Sentenced 2021-01-19
    Gabriel Garcia Florida Indicted 2021-01-19
    Jesus Rivera Florida Sentenced 2021-01-20
    Joseph Biggs Florida Indicted 2021-01-20
    Samuel Camargo Florida Indicted 2021-01-20
    Bradley Weeks Florida Indicted 2021-01-21
    Anthony Mariotto Florida Sentenced 2021-01-22
    Dana Winn Florida Sentenced 2021-01-26
    Rachael Pert Florida Sentenced 2021-01-26
    Michael Stepakoff Florida Sentenced 2021-01-29
    Tristan Stevens Florida Convicted 2021-02-05
    Steve Maldonado Florida Indicted 2021-02-08
    Paul Hodgkins Florida Sentenced 2021-02-09
    Adam Honeycutt Florida Sentenced 2021-02-11
    Graydon Young Florida Convicted 2021-02-15
    Connie Meggs Florida Indicted 2021-02-17
    John Anderson Florida Deceased 2021-02-17
    Kelly Meggs Florida Convicted 2021-02-17
    Nicholes Lentz Florida Sentenced 2021-02-19
    Jonathan Carlton Florida Sentenced 2021-02-24
    Andrew Griswold Florida Sentenced 2021-03-05
    Corinne Montoni Florida Charged 2021-03-08
    Christopher Worrell Florida Indicted 2021-03-10
    Howard Adams Florida Indicted 2021-03-10
    Kenneth Harrelson Florida Convicted 2021-03-10
    Dillon Homol Florida Charged 2021-03-16
    Robert Palmer Florida Sentenced 2021-03-17
    Jeffrey Register Florida Sentenced 2021-03-19
    Paul Rae Florida Indicted 2021-03-24
    William Reid Florida Sentenced 2021-03-26
    Arthur Jackman Florida Indicted 2021-03-30
    Grady Owens Florida Convicted 2021-04-01
    Kenneth Kelly Florida Sentenced 2021-04-21
    John Nassif Florida Convicted 2021-05-10
    Jody Tagaris Florida Sentenced 2021-05-14
    Daniel Gray Florida Indicted 2021-05-17
    Daniel Scott Florida Indicted 2021-05-20
    Jason Dolan Florida Convicted 2021-05-26
    Joseph Hackett Florida Indicted 2021-05-26
    William Isaacs Florida Indicted 2021-05-26
    Audrey Southard Rumsey Florida Indicted 2021-06-01
    Casey Cusick Florida Charged 2021-06-21
    James Cusick Florida Charged 2021-06-21
    Brian Bingham Florida Indicted 2021-06-22
    Jamie Buteau Florida Indicted 2021-06-22
    Jennifer Buteau Florida Indicted 2021-06-22
    David Lesperance Florida Charged 2021-06-24
    Jonathan Pollock Florida Indicted 2021-06-25
    Joseph Hutchinson Florida Indicted 2021-06-25
    Joshua Doolin Florida Indicted 2021-06-25
    Mitchell Gardner Florida Convicted 2021-06-25
    Timothy O'Malley Florida Sentenced 2021-06-28
    Michael Perkins Florida Indicted 2021-06-29
    Olivia Pollock Florida Indicted 2021-06-29
    David Moerschel Florida Indicted 2021-07-01
    Kenneth Reda Florida Sentenced 2021-07-01
    Edward George Florida Indicted 2021-07-07
    Kevin Tuck Florida Indicted 2021-07-07
    Nathaniel Tuck Florida Indicted 2021-07-07
    Caleb Berry Florida Convicted 2021-07-09
    Michael Carico Florida Sentenced 2021-07-22
    Robert Fairchild Florida Sentenced 2021-08-24
    Marilyn Fassell Florida Convicted 2021-09-09
    Thomas Fassell Florida Convicted 2021-09-09
    Anthony Sargent Florida Indicted 2021-09-13
    Julio Chang Florida Charged 2021-09-23
    Moises Romero Florida Sentenced 2021-09-23
    Jeremy Brown Florida Indicted 2021-09-29
    Jason Comeau Florida Sentenced 2021-10-13
    Gilbert Fonticoba Florida Indicted 2021-10-22
    Julio Baquero Florida Indicted 2021-10-27
    Louis Valentin Florida Indicted 2021-10-27
    Mason Courson Florida Convicted 2021-11-17
    James Beeks Florida Indicted 2021-11-18
    Alan Fischer Florida Indicted 2022-01-12
    Dion Rajewski Florida Indicted 2022-01-12
    Zachary Johnson Florida Indicted 2022-01-12
    Carol Kicinski Florida Convicted 2022-02-22
    Jon Heneghan Florida Convicted 2022-02-22
    Enrique Tarrio Florida Indicted 2022-03-07
    Steven Miles Florida Charged 2022-04-08
    Matthew Montalvo Florida Convicted 2022-04-15
    Barry Ramey Florida Indicted 2022-04-20
    Brian Boele Florida Indicted 2022-05-25
    James Brett Florida Indicted 2022-05-25
    Leslie Gray Florida Indicted 2022-06-06
    Luis Hallon Florida Charged 2022-06-06
    Traci Isaacs Florida Indicted 2022-06-06
    Benjamin Cole Florida Charged 2022-08-24
    Brian Preller Florida Charged 2022-08-24
    John Crowley Florida Charged 2022-08-24
    Jonathan Rockholt Florida Charged 2022-08-24
    Tyler Bensch Florida Charged 2022-08-24
    Neil Ashcraft Florida Convicted 2022-09-02
    Gabriel Chase Florida Charged 2022-09-12
    Richard Escalera Florida Charged 2022-10-20
    Raymund Cholod Florida Charged 2022-11-02
    Shelly Varney Florida Convicted 2022-11-15
    Michael Daughtry Georgia Sentenced 2021-01-15
    William Calhoun Georgia Indicted 2021-01-15
    Lisa Eisenhart Georgia Indicted 2021-01-16
    Benjamin Torre Georgia Sentenced 2021-02-02
    Bruno Cua Georgia Indicted 2021-02-05
    Verden Nalley Georgia Sentenced 2021-02-12
    Jack Whitton Georgia Convicted 2021-03-12
    Glen Simon Georgia Sentenced 2021-04-12
    Kevin Creek Georgia Sentenced 2021-06-04
    Nolan Kidd Georgia Sentenced 2021-06-11
    Savannah Mcdonald Georgia Sentenced 2021-06-11
    Jonathan Laurens Georgia Sentenced 2021-07-01
    Blas Santillan Georgia Sentenced 2021-08-10
    Matthew Webler Georgia Sentenced 2021-11-24
    Ronald Loehrke Georgia Charged 2021-12-01
    Jake Maxwell Georgia Indicted 2022-02-09
    Charles Hand Georgia Convicted 2022-03-04
    Mandy Robinson-Hand Georgia Convicted 2022-03-04
    John Gould Georgia Convicted 2022-03-11
    Nicholas Ochs Hawaii Sentenced 2021-01-07
    Josiah Colt Idaho Convicted 2021-01-12
    Michael Pope Idaho Indicted 2021-02-12
    Yvonne St Cyr Idaho Charged 2021-03-03
    Duke Wilson Idaho Sentenced 2021-04-12
    Pamela Hemphill Idaho Sentenced 2021-08-02
    Tyler Tew Idaho Charged 2021-11-10
    Bradley Rukstales Illinois Sentenced 2021-01-07
    Kevin Lyons Illinois Indicted 2021-01-13
    Kash Kelly Illinois Convicted 2021-01-14
    Mathew Capsel Illinois Convicted 2021-01-19
    Christina Gerding Illinois Charged 2021-01-28
    Jason Gerding Illinois Charged 2021-01-28
    Thomas Adams Illinois Charged 2021-04-02
    Anthony Antonio Illinois Indicted 2021-04-20
    Bruce Harrison Illinois Sentenced 2021-05-12
    Douglas Wangler Illinois Sentenced 2021-05-12
    Christian Kulas Illinois Sentenced 2021-06-03
    Karol Chwiesiuk Illinois Charged 2021-06-11
    Shane Woods Illinois Convicted 2021-06-21
    Amy Schubert Illinois Sentenced 2021-06-24
    John Schubert Illinois Sentenced 2021-06-24
    Marcos Gleffe Illinois Convicted 2021-09-01
    David Wiersma Illinois Sentenced 2021-09-13
    Dawn Frankowski Illinois Sentenced 2021-09-13
    Mark Kulas Illinois Sentenced 2021-11-19
    Lawrence Ligas Illinois Charged 2021-11-29
    Roy Franklin Illinois Indicted 2021-12-02
    James Elliott Illinois Convicted 2021-12-15
    Christopher Logsdon Illinois Sentenced 2022-01-18
    Tina Logsdon Illinois Sentenced 2022-01-18
    Anthony Carollo Illinois Sentenced 2022-01-19
    Cody Vollan Illinois Sentenced 2022-01-19
    Jeremiah Carollo Illinois Sentenced 2022-01-19
    Leticia Ferreira Illinois Sentenced 2022-02-14
    Athanasios Zoyganeles Illinois Convicted 2022-02-18
    Matthew Bokoski Illinois Convicted 2022-05-16
    Kimberly Difrancesco Illinois Sentenced 2022-05-27
    Trudy Castle Illinois Sentenced 2022-05-27
    Daniel Leyden Illinois Charged 2022-08-10
    Joseph Leyden Illinois Charged 2022-08-10
    Tyng Yang Illinois Charged 2022-11-15
    James Mcnamara Illinois Charged 2022-11-28
    Jon Schaffer Indiana Convicted 2021-01-17
    Joshua Wagner Indiana Sentenced 2021-01-26
    Israel Tutrow Indiana Sentenced 2021-01-27
    Anna Morgan-Lloyd Indiana Sentenced 2021-02-24
    Dona Bissey Indiana Sentenced 2021-02-24
    Jonathan Sanders Indiana Sentenced 2021-05-25
    Mark Mazza Indiana Sentenced 2021-11-12
    Eric Cantrell Indiana Charged 2022-03-07
    Jared Cantrell Indiana Charged 2022-03-07
    Quentin Cantrell Indiana Charged 2022-03-07
    Jeffrey Munger Indiana Sentenced 2022-03-11
    Nancy Barron Indiana Charged 2022-03-11
    Paul Kovacik Indiana Charged 2022-05-10
    Michael Greene Indiana Indicted 2022-06-22
    Ian Horvath Indiana Charged 2022-07-28
    Dale Huttle Indiana Charged 2022-10-28
    Matthew Huttle Indiana Charged 2022-10-28
    Douglas Jensen Iowa Convicted 2021-01-09
    Leo Kelly Iowa Indicted 2021-01-18
    Deborah Sandoval Iowa Indicted 2021-02-19
    Salvador Sandoval Iowa Indicted 2021-02-19
    Kyle Young Iowa Sentenced 2021-04-09
    Daryl Johnson Iowa Sentenced 2021-06-04
    Kenneth Rader Iowa Sentenced 2022-01-11
    Chad Heathcote Iowa Convicted 2022-05-03
    Christopher Kuehne Kansas Indicted 2021-02-11
    William Chrestman Kansas Indicted 2021-02-11
    William Pope Kansas Indicted 2021-02-12
    Ryan Ashlock Kansas Sentenced 2021-02-18
    Mark Rebegila Kansas Sentenced 2021-03-10
    Esther Schwemmer Kansas Sentenced 2021-04-15
    Jennifer Parks Kansas Sentenced 2021-04-15
    Michael Eckerman Kansas Convicted 2021-09-14
    Kasey Hopkins Kansas Charged 2022-08-04
    Robert Bauer Kentucky Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Chad Jones Kentucky Indicted 2021-01-16
    Damon Beckley Kentucky Indicted 2021-01-16
    Michael Sparks Kentucky Indicted 2021-01-18
    Jordan Revlett Kentucky Sentenced 2021-01-25
    Dalton Crase Kentucky Sentenced 2021-02-01
    Troy Williams Kentucky Sentenced 2021-02-01
    Peter Schwartz Kentucky Indicted 2021-02-04
    Clayton Mullins Kentucky Indicted 2021-02-23
    Lori Vinson Kentucky Sentenced 2021-02-23
    Thomas Vinson Kentucky Sentenced 2021-02-23
    Michael Orangias Kentucky Sentenced 2021-03-17
    Stephen Randolph Kentucky Indicted 2021-04-20
    Eric Clark Kentucky Charged 2021-04-26
    Nicholas Brockhoff Kentucky Convicted 2021-05-24
    Kurt Peterson Kentucky Convicted 2021-06-16
    Antony Vo Kentucky Charged 2021-07-20
    Joseph Irwin Kentucky Charged 2021-08-12
    Shelly Stallings Kentucky Convicted 2022-02-09
    Reva Vincent Kentucky Sentenced 2022-02-14
    Roger Baugh Kentucky Convicted 2022-09-20
    Joseph Howe Kentucky Charged 2022-10-26
    Vaughn Gordon Louisiana Convicted 2021-01-14
    Cody Connell Louisiana Indicted 2021-01-16
    Matthew Lebrun Louisiana Charged 2022-04-08
    Kyle Fitzsimons Maine Convicted 2021-02-04
    Nicholas Hendrix Maine Convicted 2021-05-27
    Joshua Colgan Maine Charged 2022-05-02
    Todd Tilley Maine Charged 2022-06-16
    Christopher Alberts Maryland Indicted 2021-01-07
    Nicholas Rodean Maryland Sentenced 2021-01-13
    Bryan Betancur Maryland Sentenced 2021-01-17
    Matthew Miller Maryland Sentenced 2021-01-25
    Andrew Bennett Maryland Sentenced 2021-01-26
    John Andries Maryland Convicted 2021-01-28
    Daniel Egtvedt Maryland Indicted 2021-02-09
    David Blair Maryland Sentenced 2021-02-09
    Elias Costianes Maryland Indicted 2021-02-12
    Robert Reeder Maryland Sentenced 2021-02-24
    John Wilkerson Maryland Sentenced 2021-03-12
    Brittiany Dillon Maryland Sentenced 2021-04-26
    Nicole Prado Maryland Sentenced 2021-06-03
    Christopher Price Maryland Charged 2021-07-30
    Cynthia Ballenger Maryland Charged 2021-07-30
    Uliyahu Haya Maryland Indicted 2021-08-25
    Matthew Buckler Maryland Sentenced 2021-09-09
    Michael Riley Maryland Convicted 2021-10-14
    Narayana Rheiner Maryland Convicted 2022-03-01
    Paula Conlon Maryland Convicted 2022-05-18
    Rodney Milstreed Maryland Indicted 2022-05-18
    Stacy Bond Maryland Convicted 2022-05-18
    David Walls-Kaufman Maryland Charged 2022-06-07
    Carrie Williams Maryland Charged 2022-08-30
    Tyrone McFadden Maryland Charged 2022-08-30
    Paul Lovley Maryland Charged 2022-09-12
    Douglas Wyatt Maryland Charged 2022-11-03
    Jacob Therres Maryland Charged 2022-11-03
    Mark Sahady Massachusetts Charged 2021-01-19
    Suzanne Ianni Massachusetts Sentenced 2021-01-19
    Brian McCreary Massachusetts Sentenced 2021-02-04
    Troy Sargent Massachusetts Convicted 2021-03-08
    Chase Allen Massachusetts Convicted 2021-06-30
    Noah Bacon Massachusetts Indicted 2021-06-30
    Stefanie Chiguer Massachusetts Convicted 2022-01-14
    Vincent Gillespie Massachusetts Indicted 2022-02-17
    Karl Dresch Michigan Sentenced 2021-01-20
    Michael Foy Michigan Indicted 2021-01-21
    James Mels Michigan Sentenced 2021-02-11
    Robert Schornak Michigan Sentenced 2021-03-16
    Daniel Herendeen Michigan Sentenced 2021-03-18
    Anthony Williams Michigan Sentenced 2021-03-24
    Jeremy Sorvisto Michigan Sentenced 2021-04-05
    Jeramiah Caplinger Michigan Sentenced 2021-04-06
    Anthony Puma Michigan Convicted 2021-05-27
    Steven Thurlow Michigan Sentenced 2021-06-24
    Trevor Brown Michigan Indicted 2021-07-01
    Logan Barnhart Michigan Convicted 2021-08-04
    Tim Boughner Michigan Charged 2021-11-09
    Justin Jersey Michigan Convicted 2021-12-02
    Matthew Krol Michigan Indicted 2022-01-26
    Ryan Kelley Michigan Charged 2022-06-07
    Luke Lints Michigan Charged 2022-06-24
    Deborah Kuecken Michigan Charged 2022-10-21
    Gary Smith Michigan Charged 2022-10-21
    Jordan Stotts Minnesota Sentenced 2021-03-16
    Jonah Westbury Minnesota Charged 2021-03-29
    Victoria White Minnesota Indicted 2021-04-08
    Daniel Johnson Minnesota Sentenced 2021-06-04
    Brian Mock Minnesota Indicted 2021-06-10
    Aaron James Minnesota Indicted 2021-09-29
    Isaac Westbury Minnesota Indicted 2021-09-29
    Robert Westbury Minnesota Indicted 2021-09-29
    Michael Brock Mississippi Charged 2021-07-14
    Thomas Smith Mississippi Indicted 2021-09-24
    Emily Hernandez Missouri Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Zachary Martin Missouri Sentenced 2021-01-28
    Paul Westover Missouri Sentenced 2021-02-04
    William Merry Missouri Sentenced 2021-02-04
    Louis Colon Missouri Convicted 2021-02-11
    Michael Quick Missouri Sentenced 2021-02-12
    Stephen Quick Missouri Sentenced 2021-02-12
    Zachary Wilson Missouri Sentenced 2021-02-12
    Nicholas Reimler Missouri Sentenced 2021-02-19
    Matthew Loganbill Missouri Indicted 2021-03-15
    Carey Walden Missouri Sentenced 2021-05-21
    Joshua Dressel Missouri Convicted 2021-06-29
    Nicholas Kennedy Missouri Indicted 2021-07-23
    Isaac Yoder Missouri Charged 2021-07-29
    Kelsey Wilson Missouri Sentenced 2021-08-02
    Cara Hentschel Missouri Sentenced 2021-09-22
    Mahailya Pryer Missouri Sentenced 2021-09-22
    Jonas Buxton Missouri Sentenced 2021-12-08
    Lloyd Cruz Missouri Charged 2022-02-25
    Cale Clayton Missouri Indicted 2022-03-28
    John Todd Missouri Charged 2022-05-03
    Devin Rossman Missouri Convicted 2022-05-12
    Jerod Bargar Missouri Charged 2022-08-03
    Henry Muntzer Montana Indicted 2021-01-18
    Jerod Hughes Montana Convicted 2021-01-28
    Joshua Hughes Montana Convicted 2021-01-28
    Isaac Sturgeon Montana Indicted 2021-02-05
    Boyd Camper Montana Sentenced 2021-03-11
    Andrew Cavanaugh Montana Sentenced 2021-03-15
    Nathaniel DeGrave Nevada Convicted 2021-01-28
    Josiah Kenyon Nevada Convicted 2021-11-23
    Thomas Gallagher New Hampshire Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Jason Riddle New Hampshire Sentenced 2021-02-05
    Kirstyn Niemela New Hampshire Charged 2022-01-14
    Thomas Baranyi New Jersey Sentenced 2021-01-12
    Timothy Hale-Cusanelli New Jersey Sentenced 2021-01-17
    Rasha Abual-Ragheb New Jersey Sentenced 2021-01-19
    Patrick Stedman New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-21
    Hector Vargas Santos New Jersey Charged 2021-01-22
    Marissa Suarez New Jersey Sentenced 2021-01-22
    Patricia Todisco New Jersey Sentenced 2021-01-22
    Scott Fairlamb New Jersey Sentenced 2021-01-22
    Stephanie Hazelton New Jersey Convicted 2021-01-22
    James Rahm Jr New Jersey Convicted 2021-02-04
    James Rahm New Jersey Indicted 2021-02-05
    Larry Stackhouse New Jersey Sentenced 2021-03-02
    Ezekiel Stecher New Jersey Indicted 2021-03-04
    Roberto Minuta New Jersey Indicted 2021-03-06
    Christopher Quaglin New Jersey Indicted 2021-04-06
    Robert Petrosh New Jersey Sentenced 2021-04-29
    Shawn Price New Jersey Convicted 2021-06-08
    Donald Smith New Jersey Dismissed 2021-07-28
    Philip Young New Jersey Convicted 2021-07-28
    Mick Chan New Jersey Charged 2021-09-07
    Lawrence Dropkin New Jersey Sentenced 2021-09-13
    Michael Oliveras New Jersey Charged 2021-12-08
    Juliano Gross New Jersey Convicted 2022-01-11
    Salvatore Vassallo New Jersey Charged 2022-09-12
    David Krauss New Jersey Charged 2022-11-14
    Nicholas Krauss New Jersey Charged 2022-11-14
    Russell Dodge New Jersey Charged 2022-11-14
    Couy Griffin New Mexico Sentenced 2021-01-17
    Shawn Witzemann New Mexico Convicted 2021-04-06
    Matthew Martin New Mexico Acquitted 2021-04-22
    Aaron Mostofsky New York Sentenced 2021-01-11
    William Pepe New York Indicted 2021-01-12
    Peter Harding New York Charged 2021-01-14
    Dominic Pezzola New York Indicted 2021-01-15
    Thomas Fee New York Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Brandon Fellows New York Indicted 2021-01-17
    Nicolas Moncada New York Charged 2021-01-18
    Christopher Kelly New York Dismissed 2021-01-20
    Robert Ballesteros New York Sentenced 2021-01-20
    Samuel Fisher New York Sentenced 2021-01-20
    Albert Ciarpelli New York Charged 2021-01-21
    Dominick Madden New York Convicted 2021-01-22
    Jeffrey Sabol New York Indicted 2021-01-22
    Brandon Straka New York Sentenced 2021-01-25
    William Vogel New York Charged 2021-01-25
    Brian Gundersen New York Convicted 2021-01-27
    Christopher Ortiz New York Sentenced 2021-01-27
    Greg Rubenacker New York Sentenced 2021-01-27
    James Bonet New York Sentenced 2021-01-27
    Justin Mcauliffe New York Sentenced 2021-01-28
    Philip Grillo New York Charged 2021-02-21
    Thomas Webster New York Sentenced 2021-02-22
    Christopher Moynihan New York Convicted 2021-02-25
    Thomas Sibick New York Indicted 2021-03-12
    Sara Carpenter New York Indicted 2021-03-23
    William Tryon New York Sentenced 2021-03-30
    Robert Chapman New York Sentenced 2021-04-13
    Traci Sunstrum New York Sentenced 2021-04-13
    Dovid Schwartzberg New York Sentenced 2021-04-16
    Matthew Greene New York Convicted 2021-04-16
    John Juran New York Sentenced 2021-04-21
    Jonathan Munafo New York Indicted 2021-04-23
    Eric Bochene New York Charged 2021-04-26
    Anton Lunyk New York Sentenced 2021-05-05
    Daniel Warmus New York Sentenced 2021-05-17
    James Breheny New York Charged 2021-05-18
    William Jason Sywak New York Sentenced 2021-05-19
    William Michael Sywak New York Sentenced 2021-05-19
    Zvonimir Jurlina New York Charged 2021-06-28
    Edward Rodriguez New York Indicted 2021-07-09
    Daniel Christmann New York Convicted 2021-07-16
    Antonio Ferrigno New York Sentenced 2021-08-27
    Francis Connor New York Sentenced 2021-08-27
    Maryann Mooney-Rondon New York Indicted 2021-09-01
    Rafael Rondon New York Convicted 2021-09-01
    Richard Watrous New York Sentenced 2021-09-21
    Anthony Vuksanaj New York Sentenced 2021-09-28
    Cody Mattice New York Sentenced 2021-10-05
    James Mault New York Sentenced 2021-10-05
    Jia Liu New York Convicted 2021-10-21
    Gregory Purdy New York Indicted 2021-11-12
    Matthew Purdy New York Indicted 2021-11-12
    Robert Turner New York Indicted 2021-11-12
    Frank Giustino New York Charged 2022-01-03
    Thomas Uberto New York Convicted 2022-01-04
    Eric Gerwatowski New York Convicted 2022-02-02
    Katharine Morrison New York Convicted 2022-02-02
    Ralph Celentano New York Indicted 2022-03-01
    Frank Bratjan New York Sentenced 2022-06-09
    Jon Lizak New York Charged 2022-09-12
    John O'Kelly New York Charged 2022-10-17
    Menachem Cohen New York Charged 2022-11-15
    Earl Glosser North Carolina Sentenced 2021-01-06
    Christopher Spencer North Carolina Indicted 2021-01-19
    Stephen Baker North Carolina Sentenced 2021-02-01
    Lewis Cantwell North Carolina Convicted 2021-02-05
    Virginia Spencer North Carolina Sentenced 2021-02-05
    Laura Steele North Carolina Indicted 2021-02-17
    Grayson Sherrill North Carolina Indicted 2021-03-01
    Matthew Wood North Carolina Sentenced 2021-03-03
    Charles Donohoe North Carolina Convicted 2021-03-10
    Johnny Harris North Carolina Charged 2021-03-17
    James Little North Carolina Sentenced 2021-03-25
    Stephen Horn North Carolina Charged 2021-03-29
    Anthony Scirica North Carolina Sentenced 2021-06-14
    James Grant North Carolina Indicted 2021-09-29
    Aiden Bilyard North Carolina Convicted 2021-11-15
    Billy Knutson North Carolina Sentenced 2022-01-12
    Matthew Beddingfield North Carolina Charged 2022-02-02
    David Gietzen North Carolina Charged 2022-03-25
    William Wilson North Carolina Convicted 2022-05-03
    Jeremy Bertino North Carolina Convicted 2022-10-06
    Christine Priola Ohio Sentenced 2021-01-14
    Justin Stoll Ohio Convicted 2021-01-15
    Donovan Crowl Ohio Indicted 2021-01-17
    Jessica Watkins Ohio Convicted 2021-01-17
    Dustin Thompson Ohio Sentenced 2021-01-25
    Robert Lyon Ohio Sentenced 2021-01-25
    Stephen Ayres Ohio Sentenced 2021-01-25
    Troy Faulkner Ohio Sentenced 2021-01-26
    Terry Lindsey Ohio Sentenced 2021-02-16
    Bennie Parker Ohio Indicted 2021-02-18
    Sandra Parker Ohio Indicted 2021-02-18
    Derek Jancart Ohio Sentenced 2021-02-22
    Alexander Sheppard Ohio Indicted 2021-02-24
    James Horning Ohio Convicted 2021-03-01
    Jared Adams Ohio Charged 2021-03-05
    Brandon Miller Ohio Sentenced 2021-03-09
    Stephanie Miller Ohio Sentenced 2021-03-09
    Clifford Mackrell Ohio Indicted 2021-03-17
    Ethan Seitz Ohio Indicted 2021-03-19
    Caleb Jones Ohio Sentenced 2021-03-22
    John Wright Ohio Convicted 2021-04-26
    Oliver Sarko Ohio Sentenced 2021-04-30
    Kenneth Thomas Ohio Indicted 2021-05-25
    Timothy Hart Ohio Indicted 2021-06-29
    Erik Rau Ohio Sentenced 2021-07-13
    Therese Borgerding Ohio Charged 2021-07-26
    Walter Messer Ohio Charged 2021-07-26
    David Mehaffie Ohio Convicted 2021-08-12
    Steven Billingsley Ohio Sentenced 2021-08-12
    Cole Temple Ohio Convicted 2021-08-19
    Gabriel Burress Ohio Sentenced 2021-08-19
    Jodi Wilson Ohio Charged 2021-08-19
    Madison Pettit Ohio Sentenced 2021-08-19
    Paul Seymour Jr Ohio Charged 2021-12-03
    Paul Seymour Sr Ohio Charged 2021-12-03
    Jared Kastner Ohio Charged 2021-12-07
    Luke Faulkner Ohio Convicted 2021-12-07
    Kenneth Massie Ohio Convicted 2022-01-07
    Abigail Yazdani-Isfehani Ohio Sentenced 2022-02-18
    Loammi Yazdani-Isfehani Ohio Sentenced 2022-02-18
    Loruhamah Yazdani-Isfehani Ohio Sentenced 2022-02-18
    Colton Wargo Ohio Charged 2022-05-03
    Justin Smith Ohio Charged 2022-05-03
    Kimberly Wargo Ohio Charged 2022-05-03
    Adam Miller Ohio Convicted 2022-05-26
    Devin Steiner Ohio Convicted 2022-05-26
    Donald Chilcoat Ohio Indicted 2022-08-10
    Shawndale Chilcoat Ohio Indicted 2022-08-10
    Jonathan Copeland Ohio Charged 2022-08-24
    William Dunfee Ohio Charged 2022-09-30
    Jordan Siemers Ohio Charged 2022-11-14
    Ryan Swoope Ohio Charged 2022-11-14
    Saul Llamas Ohio Charged 2022-11-14
    Andrew Ericson Oklahoma Sentenced 2021-01-22
    Anthony Griffith Oklahoma Indicted 2021-02-22
    Jerry Ryals Oklahoma Sentenced 2021-02-22
    Danielle Doyle Oklahoma Sentenced 2021-02-24
    Tanner Sells Oklahoma Sentenced 2021-05-12
    Benjamin Burlew Oklahoma Indicted 2021-08-19
    Edward Spain Oklahoma Sentenced 2021-10-05
    Levi Gable Oklahoma Convicted 2022-05-23
    Dova Winegeart Oklahoma Charged 2022-07-14
    Richard Harris Oregon Indicted 2021-03-05
    Jonathanpeter Klein Oregon Indicted 2021-03-23
    Matthew Klein Oregon Indicted 2021-03-23
    Reed Christensen Oregon Indicted 2021-04-25
    Jeremy Grace Oregon Sentenced 2021-05-24
    Jeffrey Hubbard Oregon Convicted 2021-12-06
    Lilith Saer Oregon Charged 2022-06-27
    Terry Brown Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-01-11
    Robert Sanford Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-01-14
    Andrew Wrigley Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Craig Bingert Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-17
    Riley Williams Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-01-17
    Barton Shively Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-01-19
    Jorden Mink Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-19
    Matthew Perna Pennsylvania Deceased 2021-01-19
    Kenneth Grayson Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-01-26
    Dawn Bancroft Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-01-29
    Diana Santos-Smith Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-01-29
    Michael Lopatic Pennsylvania Deceased 2021-01-29
    Ryan Samsel Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-30
    Zachary Alam Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-30
    Mark Aungst Pennsylvania Deceased 2021-02-04
    Rachel Powell Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-04
    Tammy Bronsburg Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-02-04
    Leo Bozell Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-11
    Christy Clark Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-02-12
    Dale Shalvey Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-02-12
    Matthew Clark Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-02-12
    Paul Spigelmyer Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-02-12
    Raechel Genco Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-02-12
    Russell Peterson Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-02-12
    Richard Michetti Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-02-17
    Joseph Fischer Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-19
    Jackson Kostolsky Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-02-23
    Annie Howell Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-03-02
    Zachary Rehl Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-03-10
    Debra Maimone Pennsylvania Charged 2021-03-12
    Philip Vogel Pennsylvania Charged 2021-03-12
    Julian Khater Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-03-15
    Jennifer Heinl Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-03-17
    Frank Scavo Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-03-24
    Jeremy Vorous Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-03-26
    Anthony Moat Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-04-07
    Michael Rusyn Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-04-09
    Leonard Ridge Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-04-20
    Gary Edwards Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-04-23
    Brian Stenz Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-04-28
    Gary Wickersham Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-05-07
    Pauline Bauer Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-05-18
    William Blauser Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-05-18
    Robert Morss Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-06-11
    Mitchell Vukich Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-06-23
    Nicholas Perretta Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-06-23
    Samuel Fox Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-06-23
    Sandra Weyer Pennsylvania Charged 2021-06-24
    Alan Byerly Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-06-25
    Gabriel Brown Pennsylvania Charged 2021-06-25
    Edward McAlanis Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-07-14
    Samuel Lazar Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-07-21
    Tara Stottlemyer Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-07-28
    Deborah Lee Pennsylvania Charged 2021-08-05
    Kelly O'Brien Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-08-12
    Julia Sizer Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-09-02
    Charles Smith Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-09-08
    Marshall Neefe Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-09-08
    Michael Dickinson Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-09-30
    Howard Richardson Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-11-22
    Michael Gianos Pennsylvania Charged 2021-11-22
    Rachel Myers Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-11-22
    Marcos Panayiotou Pennsylvania Sentenced 2021-11-30
    Brian Healion Pennsylvania Charged 2021-12-08
    Freedom Vy Pennsylvania Charged 2021-12-08
    Isaiah Giddings Pennsylvania Convicted 2021-12-08
    Jordan Bonenberger Pennsylvania Charged 2022-03-11
    Melanie Archer Pennsylvania Convicted 2022-03-11
    Carson Lucard Pennsylvania Sentenced 2022-03-16
    Brian Korte Pennsylvania Charged 2022-05-20
    Lynwood Nester Pennsylvania Charged 2022-05-20
    Michael Pomeroy Pennsylvania Charged 2022-05-20
    Samuel Rodriguez Pennsylvania Convicted 2022-07-06
    James Robinson Pennsylvania Charged 2022-07-29
    Thomas Carey Pennsylvania Charged 2022-09-12
    Mikhail Slye Pennsylvania Charged 2022-09-29
    Brian Sizer Pennsylvania Charged 2022-10-27
    Timothy Desjardins Rhode Island Charged 2021-11-19
    Bernard Sirr Rhode Island Charged 2022-06-21
    Andrew Hatley South Carolina Sentenced 2021-01-19
    William Norwood South Carolina Indicted 2021-02-25
    Elias Irizarry South Carolina Convicted 2021-03-15
    Elliot Bishai South Carolina Sentenced 2021-03-15
    Nicholas Languerand South Carolina Sentenced 2021-04-15
    John Getsinger South Carolina Sentenced 2021-06-09
    Stacie Hargis Getsinger South Carolina Sentenced 2021-06-09
    Derek Gunby South Carolina Charged 2021-06-29
    James Lollis South Carolina Sentenced 2021-09-03
    Paul Colbath South Carolina Sentenced 2021-10-20
    Benjamin Robinson South Carolina Charged 2022-05-16
    Chad Clifton South Carolina Convicted 2022-05-16
    David Johnston South Carolina Convicted 2022-05-16
    Linwood Robinson II South Carolina Charged 2022-05-16
    Brittany Robinson South Carolina Charged 2022-05-19
    Linwood Robinson Sr South Carolina Charged 2022-05-19
    Alan Culbertson South Carolina Charged 2022-09-16
    Joei Gallman South Carolina Charged 2022-09-27
    William Gallman South Carolina Charged 2022-09-27
    James Haffner South Dakota Charged 2021-12-01
    Eric Munchel Tennessee Indicted 2021-01-10
    Matthew Bledsoe Tennessee Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Jack Griffith Tennessee Sentenced 2021-01-16
    Blake Reed Tennessee Sentenced 2021-01-17
    Eric Torrens Tennessee Sentenced 2021-01-27
    Ronald Sandlin Tennessee Convicted 2021-01-28
    Joseph Padilla Tennessee Indicted 2021-02-22
    Bryan Ivey Tennessee Sentenced 2021-03-04
    Ronnie Presley Tennessee Sentenced 2021-03-05
    Albuquerque Head Tennessee Sentenced 2021-04-09
    Michael Roche Tennessee Indicted 2021-04-13
    Michael Timbrook Tennessee Sentenced 2021-04-20
    Matthew Baggott Tennessee Sentenced 2021-05-24
    Stewart Parks Tennessee Charged 2021-05-24
    Clifford Meteer Tennessee Sentenced 2021-08-04
    Ronald McAbee Tennessee Indicted 2021-08-04
    Christopher Cunningham Tennessee Sentenced 2021-08-30
    Joshua Portlock Tennessee Indicted 2021-10-28
    James Brooks Tennessee Sentenced 2022-01-03
    Joshua Hernandez Tennessee Convicted 2022-02-09
    Jerry Waynick Tennessee Charged 2022-02-14
    Mark Waynick Tennessee Charged 2022-02-14
    Edward Kelley Tennessee Charged 2022-05-03
    Katelyn Bartow Tennessee Charged 2022-10-21
    Travis Bartow Tennessee Charged 2022-10-21
    Kristina Malimon Texas Sentenced 2021-01-06
    Larry Brock Texas Convicted 2021-01-09
    Eliel Rosa Texas Sentenced 2021-01-13
    Jenny Cudd Texas Sentenced 2021-01-13
    Guy Reffitt Texas Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Jennifer Ryan Texas Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Joshua Lollar Texas Indicted 2021-01-15
    Troy Smocks Texas Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Daniel Adams Texas Indicted 2021-01-16
    Matthew Mazzocco Texas Sentenced 2021-01-17
    Alex Harkrider Texas Indicted 2021-01-18
    Ryan Nichols Texas Indicted 2021-01-18
    Micki Larson-Olson Texas Sentenced 2021-01-19
    Nicholas DeCarlo Texas Sentenced 2021-01-19
    Tam Pham Texas Sentenced 2021-01-19
    Garret Miller Texas Indicted 2021-01-20
    Christopher Grider Texas Indicted 2021-01-21
    Nolan Cooke Texas Sentenced 2021-01-21
    Chance Uptmore Texas Sentenced 2021-01-26
    Daniel Phipps Texas Indicted 2021-01-26
    James Uptmore Texas Sentenced 2021-01-26
    Wilmar Alvarado Texas Indicted 2021-01-29
    Katherine Schwab Texas Convicted 2021-02-01
    Jason Hyland Texas Sentenced 2021-02-02
    Ryan Zink Texas Indicted 2021-02-04
    Daniel Caldwell Texas Convicted 2021-02-10
    Joseph Barnes Texas Deceased 2021-02-10
    Luke Coffee Texas Indicted 2021-02-16
    Jeffrey Witcher Texas Sentenced 2021-02-24
    Richard Barnard Texas Sentenced 2021-02-24
    Treniss Evans Texas Sentenced 2021-02-24
    Shane Jenkins Texas Indicted 2021-03-02
    Benjamin Larocca Texas Sentenced 2021-03-12
    Christian Cortez Texas Sentenced 2021-03-12
    Kevin Blakely Texas Sentenced 2021-03-19
    Bradley Bennett Texas Indicted 2021-03-23
    David Judd Texas Convicted 2021-03-23
    Elizabeth Williams Texas Convicted 2021-03-23
    Andrew Morgan Texas Indicted 2021-04-02
    Samuel Montoya Texas Convicted 2021-04-08
    Jason Owens Texas Convicted 2021-04-16
    Jalise Middleton Texas Indicted 2021-04-21
    Mark Middleton Texas Indicted 2021-04-21
    Sean Watson Texas Sentenced 2021-04-23
    Vic Williams Texas Sentenced 2021-05-10
    Kerry Persick Texas Sentenced 2021-05-13
    Adam Weibling Texas Convicted 2021-05-19
    Stacy Hager Texas Charged 2021-05-29
    Leonard Gruppo Texas Sentenced 2021-06-01
    Darrell Youngers Texas Sentenced 2021-06-29
    George Tenney Texas Sentenced 2021-06-29
    Thomas Ballard Texas Indicted 2021-06-29
    Matthew Dasilva Texas Indicted 2021-07-09
    Dawn Munn Texas Sentenced 2021-07-12
    Joshua Munn Texas Sentenced 2021-07-12
    Kayli Munn Texas Sentenced 2021-07-12
    Kristi Munn Texas Sentenced 2021-07-12
    Thomas Munn Texas Sentenced 2021-07-12
    Andrew Taake Texas Indicted 2021-07-21
    Brian Ulrich Texas Convicted 2021-08-04
    Steven Cappuccio Texas Indicted 2021-08-12
    Jonathon Shroyer Texas Charged 2021-08-19
    Cory Brannan Texas Sentenced 2021-09-02
    Robert Dennis Texas Indicted 2021-10-13
    Landon Mitchell Texas Convicted 2021-10-19
    Thomas Conover Texas Sentenced 2021-12-03
    Donald Hazard Texas Indicted 2021-12-07
    Lucas Denney Texas Sentenced 2021-12-07
    Elmer Rhodes Texas Convicted 2022-01-12
    Jason Blythe Texas Indicted 2022-01-13
    Geoffrey Shough Texas Convicted 2022-02-17
    John Lammons Texas Convicted 2022-03-01
    Jacob Garcia Texas Convicted 2022-03-07
    Adam Jackson Texas Charged 2022-06-02
    Brian Jackson Texas Charged 2022-06-02
    William Mellors Texas Charged 2022-07-15
    Kellye Sorelle Texas Indicted 2022-08-31
    David Arredondo Texas Indicted 2022-10-24
    John Sullivan Utah Indicted 2021-01-13
    Brady Knowlton Utah Indicted 2021-04-01
    Michael Hardin Utah Sentenced 2021-04-02
    Willard Peart Utah Sentenced 2021-04-20
    Landon Copeland Utah Convicted 2021-04-29
    Jacob Wiedrich Utah Sentenced 2021-07-21
    Janet Buhler Utah Sentenced 2021-07-28
    Gary Wilson Utah Charged 2021-09-09
    Bradley Bokoski Utah Convicted 2022-05-16
    Landon Manwaring Utah Sentenced 2022-08-10
    Justin Adams Utah Charged 2022-10-07
    Cindy Fitchett Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-07
    Douglas Sweet Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-07
    Jacob Fracker Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-13
    Robert Packer Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-13
    Thomas Robertson Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-13
    Edward Hemenway Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Jacob Hiles Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-19
    Thomas Caldwell Virginia Convicted 2021-01-19
    Dennis Sidorski Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-20
    Melody Steele-Smith Virginia Convicted 2021-01-20
    Antionne Brodnax Virginia Convicted 2021-02-02
    Jonathan Mellis Virginia Indicted 2021-02-11
    Jeremy Groseclose Virginia Indicted 2021-02-25
    Federico Klein Virginia Indicted 2021-03-04
    Jessica Bustle Virginia Sentenced 2021-03-04
    Joshua Bustle Virginia Sentenced 2021-03-04
    Ryan Suleski Virginia Sentenced 2021-03-05
    Jeffrey McKellop Virginia Indicted 2021-03-15
    Eric Von Bernewitz Virginia Sentenced 2021-03-24
    Paul Von Bernewitz Virginia Sentenced 2021-03-24
    Paul Johnson Virginia Indicted 2021-04-12
    Michael Adams Virginia Charged 2021-04-20
    Christopher Warnagiris Virginia Indicted 2021-05-13
    Kene Lazo Virginia Sentenced 2021-05-28
    Geoffrey Sills Virginia Convicted 2021-06-16
    Fi Duong Virginia Indicted 2021-06-30
    Joshua Haynes Virginia Convicted 2021-07-01
    James Davis Virginia Indicted 2021-07-22
    Luke Bender Virginia Convicted 2021-07-26
    Brandon Prenzlin Virginia Sentenced 2021-09-17
    Meghan Rutledge Virginia Convicted 2021-10-05
    Willard Bostic Virginia Convicted 2021-10-05
    Markus Maly Virginia Indicted 2022-01-13
    Jolene Eicher Virginia Charged 2022-01-20
    Iraj Javid Virginia Convicted 2022-03-01
    Raul Jarrin Virginia Charged 2022-03-01
    Jamie Ferguson Virginia Convicted 2022-05-10
    Doug Macrae Virginia Sentenced 2022-05-12
    Karegan Bostic Virginia Convicted 2022-05-24
    Hatchet Speed Virginia Charged 2022-06-21
    Antonio Lamotta Virginia Charged 2022-08-08
    Weston Sobotka Virginia Charged 2022-08-17
    Joseph Brody Virginia Charged 2022-09-12
    Henos Woldemichael Virginia Charged 2022-09-16
    Mark Leffingwell Washington Sentenced 2021-01-07
    John Lolos Washington Sentenced 2021-01-09
    Edward Lang Washington Indicted 2021-01-16
    Ethan Nordean Washington Indicted 2021-02-03
    Jeffrey Grace Washington Charged 2021-02-04
    Taylor Johnatakis Washington Indicted 2021-02-05
    Marc Bru Washington Indicted 2021-03-30
    Joseph Zlab Washington Sentenced 2021-05-07
    Devlyn Thompson Washington Sentenced 2021-07-11
    Tyler Slaeker Washington Convicted 2021-07-27
    David Rhine Washington Charged 2021-11-04
    John Cameron Washington Sentenced 2021-12-10
    Joshua Johnson Washington Indicted 2022-03-07
    Brian Jones Washington Charged 2022-03-15
    Patrick King Washington Charged 2022-03-15
    Dylan Cronin Washington Charged 2022-06-07
    Kevin Cronin II Washington Charged 2022-06-07
    Kevin Cronin Washington Charged 2022-06-07
    Caden Gottfried Washington Charged 2022-09-30
    Richard Slaughter Washington Charged 2022-09-30
    Jesse Watson Washington Charged 2022-10-18
    Tucker Weston Washington Charged 2022-10-18
    Joshua Pruitt Washington, DC Sentenced 2021-01-07
    Vitali GossJankowski Washington, DC Indicted 2021-01-14
    Emanuel Jackson Washington, DC Charged 2021-01-18
    Mark Ponder Washington, DC Sentenced 2021-03-12
    Darrell Neely Washington, DC Charged 2021-09-30
    William Kit Washington, DC Charged 2022-07-28
    Derrick Evans West Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-08
    Gracyn Courtright West Virginia Sentenced 2021-01-16
    Eric Barber West Virginia Sentenced 2021-02-16
    George Tanios West Virginia Convicted 2021-03-15
    Jeffery Finley West Virginia Convicted 2021-03-21
    Country Cramer West Virginia Convicted 2022-07-01
    Eric Cramer West Virginia Convicted 2022-07-01
    John Gordon West Virginia Convicted 2022-07-01
    Kevin Loftus Wisconsin Sentenced 2021-01-12
    David Mish Wisconsin Sentenced 2021-01-15
    Michael Fitzgerald Wisconsin Indicted 2021-04-02
    Abram Markofski Wisconsin Sentenced 2021-04-27
    Brandon Nelson Wisconsin Sentenced 2021-04-27
    Riley Kasper Wisconsin Indicted 2022-03-15
    Conlin Weyer Wisconsin Charged 2022-05-10
    Andrew Galloway Wyoming Sentenced 2022-01-04