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    Sedition Tracker

    se·​di·​tion: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority

    Suspects (by Date)

    Total Count: 269
    Name Residence Status Date
    Jeremy Groseclose Virginia Charged 2021-02-25
    Christopher Moynihan New York Charged 2021-02-25
    Robert Reeder Maryland Charged 2021-02-24
    Dona Bissey Indiana Charged 2021-02-24
    Danielle Doyle Oklahoma Charged 2021-02-24
    Anna Morgan-Lloyd Indiana Charged 2021-02-24
    Alexander Sheppard Ohio Charged 2021-02-24
    Thomas Vinson Kentucky Charged 2021-02-23
    Lori Vinson Kentucky Charged 2021-02-23
    Clayton Mullins Kentucky Charged 2021-02-23
    Andrew Hernandez California Charged 2021-02-23
    Thomas Webster New York Charged 2021-02-22
    Joseph Padilla Tennessee Charged 2021-02-22
    Derek Jancart Ohio Charged 2021-02-22
    Philip Grillo New York Charged 2021-02-21
    Salvador Sandoval Iowa Charged 2021-02-19
    Nicholes Lentz Florida Charged 2021-02-19
    Nicholas Reimler Missouri Charged 2021-02-19
    Joseph Fischer Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-19
    Deborah Sandoval Iowa Charged 2021-02-19
    Sandra Parker Ohio Indicted 2021-02-18
    Ryan Ashlock Kansas Indicted 2021-02-18
    Bennie Parker Ohio Indicted 2021-02-18
    Suzanne Kaye Florida Charged 2021-02-17
    Richard Michetti Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-17
    Phillip Bromley Alabama Charged 2021-02-17
    Lewis Cantwell North Carolina Charged 2021-02-17
    Laura Steele North Carolina Indicted 2021-02-17
    Kelly Meggs Florida Indicted 2021-02-17
    John Anderson Florida Charged 2021-02-17
    Glenn Croy Colorado Charged 2021-02-17
    Connie Meggs Florida Indicted 2021-02-17
    Terry Lindsey Ohio Charged 2021-02-16
    Luke Coffee Texas Charged 2021-02-16
    Christian Secor California Indicted 2021-02-16
    Graydon Young Florida Indicted 2021-02-15
    Zachary Wilson Missouri Charged 2021-02-12
    William Pope Kansas Charged 2021-02-12
    Verden Nalley Georgia Indicted 2021-02-12
    Stephen Quick Missouri Charged 2021-02-12
    Russell Peterson Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-12
    Raechel Genco Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-12
    Paul Spigelmyer Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-12
    Michael Quick Missouri Charged 2021-02-12
    Michael Pope Idaho Charged 2021-02-12
    Matthew Clark Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-12
    Christy Clark Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-12
    William Chrestman Kansas Indicted 2021-02-11
    Louis Colon Missouri Indicted 2021-02-11
    Leo Bozell Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-11
    Jonathan Mellis Virginia Charged 2021-02-11
    James Mels Michigan Charged 2021-02-11
    Felicia Konold Arizona Indicted 2021-02-11
    Cory Konold Arizona Indicted 2021-02-11
    Christopher Kuehne Kansas Indicted 2021-02-11
    Adam Honeycutt Florida Charged 2021-02-11
    Joseph Barnes Texas Charged 2021-02-10
    Daniel Caldwell Texas Charged 2021-02-10
    Paul Hodgkins Florida Charged 2021-02-09
    Mariposa Castro California Charged 2021-02-09
    David Blair Maryland Charged 2021-02-09
    Daniel Egtvedt Maryland Charged 2021-02-09
    Steve Maldonado Florida Charged 2021-02-08
    Virginia Spencer North Carolina Charged 2021-02-05
    Tristan Stevens Florida Charged 2021-02-05
    Taylor Johnatakis Washington Indicted 2021-02-05
    Jason Riddle New Hampshire Charged 2021-02-05
    James Rahm New Jersey Charged 2021-02-05
    Bruno Cua Georgia Indicted 2021-02-05
    William Merry Missouri Charged 2021-02-04
    Tammy Bronsburg Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-04
    Ryan Zink Texas Charged 2021-02-04
    Rachel Powell Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-04
    Peter Schwartz Kentucky Charged 2021-02-04
    Paul Westover Missouri Charged 2021-02-04
    Mark Aungst Pennsylvania Charged 2021-02-04
    Kyle Fitzsimons Maine Indicted 2021-02-04
    Jeffrey Grace Washington Charged 2021-02-04
    Brian McCreary Massachusetts Indicted 2021-02-04
    Michael Lopatic Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-02-03
    Ethan Nordean Washington Charged 2021-02-03
    Jason Hyland Texas Charged 2021-02-02
    Benjamin Torre Georgia Charged 2021-02-02
    Troy Williams Kentucky Charged 2021-02-01
    Stephen Baker North Carolina Charged 2021-02-01
    Katherine Schwab Texas Charged 2021-02-01
    Dalton Crase Kentucky Charged 2021-02-01
    Eduardo Gonzalez California Charged 2021-01-31
    Zachary Alam Pennsylvania Charged 2021-01-30
    Ryan Samsel Pennsylvania  Charged 2021-01-30
    Wilmar Alvarado Texas Charged 2021-01-29
    Michael Stepakoff Florida Indicted 2021-01-29
    Diana Santos-Smith Pennsylvania Charged 2021-01-29
    Dawn Bancroft Pennsylvania Charged 2021-01-29
    Zachary Martin Missouri Charged 2021-01-28
    Ronald Sandlin Tennessee Indicted 2021-01-28
    Nathaniel Degrave Nevada Indicted 2021-01-28
    Mark Simon California Charged 2021-01-28
    Justin Mcauliffe New York Charged 2021-01-28
    Joshua Hughes Montana Indicted 2021-01-28
    John Andries Maryland Charged 2021-01-28
    Jerod Hughes Montana Indicted 2021-01-28
    Jason Gerding Illinois Charged 2021-01-28
    Christina Gerding Illinois Charged 2021-01-28
    Jeffrey Smith California Charged 2021-01-27
    James Bonet New York Charged 2021-01-27
    Jacob Lewis California Indicted 2021-01-27
    Israel Tutrow Indiana Charged 2021-01-27
    Greg Rubenacker New York Charged 2021-01-27
    Eric Torrens Tennessee Charged 2021-01-27
    Christopher Ortiz New York Charged 2021-01-27
    Brian Gundersen New York Charged 2021-01-27
    Troy Faulkner Ohio Indicted 2021-01-26
    Rachael Pert Florida Charged 2021-01-26
    Kenneth Grayson Pennsylvania Charged 2021-01-26
    Joshua Wagner Indiana Charged 2021-01-26
    James Uptmore Texas Charged 2021-01-26
    Daniel Phipps Texas Charged 2021-01-26
    Dana Winn Florida Charged 2021-01-26
    Chance Uptmore Texas Charged 2021-01-26
    Andrew Bennett Maryland Charged 2021-01-26
    William Vogel New York Charged 2021-01-25
    Stephen Ayres Ohio Charged 2021-01-25
    Robert Lyon Ohio Indicted 2021-01-25
    Matthew Miller Maryland Indicted 2021-01-25
    Jordan Revlett Kentucky Charged 2021-01-25
    Dustin Thompson Ohio Indicted 2021-01-25
    Brandon Straka New England Charged 2021-01-25
    Tommy Allan California Indicted 2021-01-22
    Stephanie Hazelton New Jersey Charged 2021-01-22
    Scott Fairlamb New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-22
    Patricia Todisco New Jersey Charged 2021-01-22
    Marissa Suarez New Jersey Charged 2021-01-22
    Kevin Strong California Charged 2021-01-22
    Jeffrey Sabol New York Indicted 2021-01-22
    Hector Vargas New Jersey Charged 2021-01-22
    Dominick Madden New York Charged 2021-01-22
    Anthony Mariotto Florida Indicted 2021-01-22
    Andrew Ericson Oklahoma Charged 2021-01-22
    Thomas Gallagher New Hampshire Indicted 2021-01-21
    Patrick Stedman New Jersey Charged 2021-01-21
    Nolan Cooke Texas Charged 2021-01-21
    Michael Foy Michigan Indicted 2021-01-21
    Douglas Sweet Virginia Indicted 2021-01-21
    Cindy Fitchett Virginia Indicted 2021-01-21
    Christopher Grider Texas Indicted 2021-01-21
    Bradley Weeks Florida Charged 2021-01-21
    Albert Ciarpelli New York Charged 2021-01-21
    Samuel Fisher New York Charged 2021-01-20
    Samuel Camargo Florida Indicted 2021-01-20
    Melody Steele-Smith Virginia Indicted 2021-01-20
    Karl Dresch Michigan Indicted 2021-01-20
    Joseph Biggs Florida Charged 2021-01-20
    Jesus Rivera Florida Charged 2021-01-20
    Garret Miller Texas Indicted 2021-01-20
    Dennis Sidorski Virginia Charged 2021-01-20
    Christopher Kelly New York Charged 2021-01-20
    Valerie Ehrke California Indicted 2021-01-19
    Thomas Caldwell Virginia Indicted 2021-01-19
    Tam Pham Texas Charged 2021-01-19
    Suzanne Ianni Massachusetts Charged 2021-01-19
    Rasha Abual-Ragheb New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-19
    Peter Heneen Florida Charged 2021-01-19
    Patrick McCaughey Connecticut Indicted 2021-01-19
    Nicholas DeCarlo Texas Indicted 2021-01-19
    Matthew Perna Pennsylvania Charged 2021-01-19
    Mathew Capsel Illinois Charged 2021-01-19
    Mark Sahady Massachusetts Charged 2021-01-19
    Jorge Riley California Indicted 2021-01-19
    Jordan Mink Pennsylvania Charged 2021-01-19
    Jacob Hiles Virginia Charged 2021-01-19
    Gina Bisignano California Indicted 2021-01-19
    Gabriel Garcia Florida Charged 2021-01-19
    Felipe Marquez Florida Indicted 2021-01-19
    Christopher Spencer North Carolina Charged 2021-01-19
    Barton Shively Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-19
    Andrew Hatley South Carolina Charged 2021-01-19
    Simone Gold California Indicted 2021-01-18
    Ryan Nichols Texas Indicted 2021-01-18
    Nicolas Moncada New York Charged 2021-01-18
    Michael Sparks Kentucky Indicted 2021-01-18
    Leo Kelly Iowa Charged 2021-01-18
    John Strand California Indicted 2021-01-18
    Henry Muntzer Montana Indicted 2021-01-18
    Emanuel Jackson Washington, DC Charged 2021-01-18
    Alex Harkrider Texas Indicted 2021-01-18
    Timothy Hale-Cusanelli New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-17
    Riley Williams Pennsylvania Charged 2021-01-17
    Patrick Montgomery Colorado Indicted 2021-01-17
    Matthew Mazzocco Texas Charged 2021-01-17
    Jon Schaffer Indiana Charged 2021-01-17
    Jessica Watkins Ohio Indicted 2021-01-17
    Donovan Crowl Ohio Indicted 2021-01-17
    Craig Bingert Pennsylvania Charged 2021-01-17
    Couy Griffin New Mexico Indicted 2021-01-17
    Bryan Betancur Maryland Charged 2021-01-17
    Brandon Fellows New York Indicted 2021-01-17
    Blake Reed Tennesee Charged 2021-01-17
    Robert Gieswein Colorado Indicted 2021-01-16
    Lisa Eisenhart Georgia Indicted 2021-01-16
    Jack Griffith Tennessee Charged 2021-01-16
    Gracyn Courtright West Virginia Indicted 2021-01-16
    Edward Lang Washington Indicted 2021-01-16
    Daniel Adams Texas Indicted 2021-01-16
    Damon Beckley Kentucky Charged 2021-01-16
    Cody Connell Louisiana Indicted 2021-01-16
    Chad Jones Kentucky Charged 2021-01-16
    Anthime Gionet Arizona Charged 2021-01-16
    William Calhoun Georgia Indicted 2021-01-15
    Troy Smocks Texas Charged 2021-01-15
    Thomas Fee New York Charged 2021-01-15
    Robert Bauer Kentucky Charged 2021-01-15
    Michael Daughtry Georgia Charged 2021-01-15
    Matthew Bledsoe Tennessee Charged 2021-01-15
    Justin Stoll Ohio Charged 2021-01-15
    Joshua Lollar Texas Charged 2021-01-15
    Jennifer Ryan Texas Charged 2021-01-15
    Guy Reffitt Texas Indicted 2021-01-15
    Emily Hernandez Missouri Charged 2021-01-15
    Edward Hemenway Virginia Charged 2021-01-15
    Dominic Pezzola New York Charged 2021-01-15
    David Mish Wisconsin Charged 2021-01-15
    Daniel Goodwyn California Charged 2021-01-15
    Andrew Wrigley Pennsylvania Charged 2021-01-15
    Vitali GossJankowski Washington, DC Charged 2021-01-14
    Vaughn Gordon Louisiana Indicted 2021-01-14
    Robert Sanford Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-14
    Peter Stager Arkansas Indicted 2021-01-14
    Peter Harding New York Charged 2021-01-14
    Michael Curzio Florida Indicted 2021-01-14
    Matthew Council Florida Charged 2021-01-14
    Kevin Seefried Delaware Charged 2021-01-14
    Kash Kelly Illinois Charged 2021-01-14
    Joshua Black Alabama Indicted 2021-01-14
    Hunter Seefried Delaware Charged 2021-01-14
    Christine Priola Ohio Charged 2021-01-14
    Thomas Robertson Virginia Indicted 2021-01-13
    Robert Packer Virginia Charged 2021-01-13
    Nicholas Rodean Maryland Indicted 2021-01-13
    Klete Keller Colorado Indicted 2021-01-13
    Kevin Lyons Illinois Indicted 2021-01-13
    John Sullivan Utah Indicted 2021-01-13
    Jenny Cudd Texas Indicted 2021-01-13
    Jacob Fracker Virginia Indicted 2021-01-13
    Hunter Ehmke California Indicted 2021-01-13
    Eliel Rosa Texas Indicted 2021-01-13
    William Pepe New York Charged 2021-01-12
    Thomas Baranyi New Jersey Indicted 2021-01-12
    Kevin Loftus Wisconsin Indicted 2021-01-12
    Josiah Colt Idaho Indicted 2021-01-12
    Andrew Williams Florida Charged 2021-01-12
    William Watson Alabama Charged 2021-01-11
    Terry Brown Pennsylvania Indicted 2021-01-11
    Aaron Mostofsky New York Indicted 2021-01-11
    Eric Munchel Tennessee Indicted 2021-01-10
    Larry Brock Texas Charged 2021-01-09
    John Lolos Charged 2021-01-09
    Douglas Jensen Iowa Indicted 2021-01-09
    Richard Barnett Arkansas Indicted 2021-01-08
    Jacob Chansley Arizona Indicted 2021-01-08
    Derrick Evans West Virginia Charged 2021-01-08
    Cleveland Meredith Colorado Indicted 2021-01-08
    Nicholas Ochs Hawaii Indicted 2021-01-07
    Mark Leffingwell Washington Indicted 2021-01-07
    Lonnie Coffman Alabama Indicted 2021-01-07
    Joshua Pruitt Washington, DC Indicted 2021-01-07
    Christopher Alberts Maryland Indicted 2021-01-07
    Bradley Rukstales Illinois Indicted 2021-01-07
    Adam Johnson Florida Charged 2021-01-07